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You Want To Pass Quickly?


Just for this example we are going to assume you have never taken driving lessons before and never passed your theory test. This is how we approach things so you can get your licence and start learning today.

1) You phone us and we give you immediate access to our online theory training.
2) If you have your debit card ready we will book your theory test for you using the government website, you will only pay for the driving test and no admin fees.
3) We will agree dates for you to start taking lessons.
4) On the day you pass your theory test, we will book your practical test.

Those are the 4 basics steps of getting your driving licence.
You can buy as many hours as you need but if you have never driven before and want to pass inside a month then we suggest 10 hours a week, that can always be modified at your discretion.

Full Intensive
This will consist of at least 25 to 40 hours of training in a week.
Semi Intensive
Usually at least 10 hours up to 25 hours a week.