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We want to ask you a question…Are we the right driving school in Dereham for you? Now we of course think we are,we have over 20 years experience of helping local people pass their driving test and now it is your turn to get your driving licence.

As well as showing you how to save over £500 on getting you through the driving test, we also have different types of driving lessons to suit your needs. Make sure you phone us today on  01362 853083


How To Save Over £500…


Nearly all learner drivers lose money because they have not been given the right approach to learning to drive. If you cannot afford weekly regular lessons and you feel you will need to miss weeks, then please just save up. Skipping weeks or only taking one hour a week is going to hugely increase the cost of learning to drive.

The DVSA report that an average pupil is going to need 47 hours of professional tuition and 20 hours of private practice, but remember this is average and we want you to do better than that. This includes the people who take one hour a week and need up to 2 years to get their driving licence. If you are able to do 2-4 hours a week of training then it is reasonable for you to need fewer hours. Lets say you pass in 40 hours, saving 7 hours and saving £170.

By taking regular hours with our driving school it is less likely you will need lessons from parents. Insurance is not cheap and at £30 say for 10 weeks you are increasing your price by another £300…do you really need to do that?

Every learner wants to pass first time and a test failure will cost you in the region of £200 when you include the extra test, car hire on the day and remedial lessons, so this is what you need to do to make sure you pass first time. 

We will give you a progress report card, listed on this important card are all the aspects to learning to drive and you need to make sure you master each aspect, we refer to it as being independent. Once you are close to this stage or have achieved independent status and you are waiting for your test we want you to pass a mock exam. Then in the lessons in the week or two prior to your test your want to be driving without assistance, if you complete these 3 steps you have every chance of passing your driving test.

We have just shown you how to save well over £500 now all you need to do is call us. Phone right now.

Your instructors are Ian Hollings in the Blue Mini,  John Mcgrath in the black Renault Clio and Alex Milne in the white Renault Clio. Ian has been teaching for over 27 years and John has been teaching for over 12 years and Alex over 10 years.

 Ian John and Alex have been CRB checked and offer the same great service, 100% reliable always on time and our cars are well maintained and always kept clean inside and out.


Hi, we have received your message and we will contact you shortly

Well… What can I say apart from John being a fantastic instructor! I initially started my driving lessons back in April 2015 when I was 17 years old. Throughout my driving lessons John never let me down and was always encouraging, as he gave me bundles of confidence and trust during all lessons. This made me feel more confident and positive above becoming a new driver. The level of detail and knowledge that is included at the beginning is very thorough, but easy to understand and helped me a lot, in terms of understanding the rules of the road. This is incredibly useful, especially if you know little about cars or the rules of the road. In conclusion I found John McGrath to be an excellent driving instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone in and around the Dereham area. If you are looking for a calm, kind hearted, respectful and well-educated instructor, then John is your man!

Matt Walker


Ian is an excellent instructor to say the least! I honestly can not fault him for anything. He’s a lovely man, with a great sense of humour as well as being extremely reliable, calming,understanding and supportive! He helped me build my confidence when driving , I passed my theory first time with help from his online revision, I also passed my test first time, after doubting myself so much! I did it, all thanks to his help.
I will forever be praising him and recommending him to friends, family and anyone else who needs a driving instructor!
I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my money elsewhere!
Thanks for everything Ian.

Chantelle Dwyer


I passed my driving test first time thanks to John, lovely man and fantastic instructor, felt at ease on every lesson and I would highly recommend Ian and John.

By far the best driving school

Keli Mitchell Lunn


Would highly recommend Ian Hollings to anyone who is looking for a reliable,calm and supportive driving instructor! Always early for every lesson, always goes out his way to suit the student even if it means getting out of bed ultra early to take me to my test. You can see he truly cares about his job and this is a reflection on how he teaches. Thanks again for your amazing teaching and support. I will forever be singing your praises and recommending you to people.

Natalie Roberts


Well what can I say being an older larger lady I was worried about alot of things in fact had driving lesson money in the bank for a year before plucking up the courage to do something about it , started looking at local instructors and a couple of names rose to the top and after much deliberation chose Ian , it was the best decision I could have made Ian makes you feel comfortable relaxed and all the worries you may have will disappear. I would recommend him to anyone whatever age or size and if you have any doubts or concerns he’s an easy man to speak to. I passed first time and you could to x

Rachel Whitwell



Just let us know when you need to take your driving test by and we’ll create an intensive course to suit you.

Motorways Lessons
You may have noticed the driving test does not cover motorways lessons, but we do with this outstanding course.

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